Terms and Conditions


Upon receipt of your signed authority we are instructed by you to order the required statutory searches and prepare the Form 1. The government searches will be ordered without delay and an invoice prepared outlining the searches ordered and the service to be provided (preparing the Form 1). The government departments will vary in their delivery times of the various searches (it may be anywhere from 48hours to 2 weeks) however we will ensure that we will act without delay once we receive them. The Form 1 will be prepared using the government searches along with the information provided by you in the Form 1 questionnaire.


A tax invoice will be provided to you as soon as the Searches have been ordered. Payment is due within 7 days of receipt of this invoice and may be made by credit card, EFT, cash or cheque. Failure to pay the invoice within 7 days will result in a late payment fee (not exceeding $110.00) being added to the invoice. The completed Form 1 will not be provided until payment has been received. All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.

Delivery of Form 1

The Form 1 will be delivered by email to you for signing within 2 business days of the receipt of all government searches, receipt of your payment and the Form 1 questionnaire. Until these are received we cannot prepare and deliver the Form 1. It will be delivered to you for checking and signing, and then once received back from you sent onto the agent via email.


The Form 1 will be prepared based on the details you provide to us and the responses from the Government searches. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in the Form 1 is correct it is your responsibility to check it prior to signing. We will not be liable for any incorrect disclosure within the Form 1. Signing the Authority indemnifies Fentons Forms against any claim made as a result of any error or omission.

Applicability/Variation of Terms & Conditions

By engaging our services you are bound by these terms and conditions so they should be read and acknowledged each time you use the service. If there is to be any variation to these terms and conditions it will be noted on this website.

Other Terms/Refund Policy

Please choose carefully. Ensure the property details on the Authority are correct. Once the searches have been processed no refund will be given.
The searches provided by the various government departments are only current on receipt.
The Form 1 is only valid as correct at the time of issuing.
The Form 1 is provided for use by the vendor or their agent and cannot be used by any other party.

Laws Applicable

The laws of the state of South Australia apply to any claims or disputes.


Fentons Forms values your privacy with the upmost importance and will keep your information secure. Fentons Forms will publish privacy statements from time to time and will also put them on the internet in compliance with law.


When purchasing from Fentons Forms, card details are transmitted through a secure server using Bank SA hosted payments page. Card data is not hosted by Fentons Forms after processing.